Hi and welcome to my web page.  My name is David Boutwell and my wife and I live in warm, sunny Florida.

Picture 006      Ahhh, that was the life 🙂                                                                      Picture 005 And…even better 😀

Picture 004   On our honeymoon in St. Augustine, FloridaPicture 003

Picture 002


I have loved the smell of leather, literally, since I was a very young man…well, at least since I was old enough (probably 4 or 5 years old anyway) to walk to town with my Daddy and stop by Frank Gardner Hardware/Feed & Seed Store (out of business for umpteen + years) in downtown Laurel, Mississippi where I grew up.  I vividly remember many trips there, and always the highlight for me was/were (some English major correct me please) the smells of sweet feed and leather.  Sorghum molasses is used in the making of sweet feed (a delicacy on homemade buttered biscuits btw)…the smell of  leather speaks for itself!  Maybe this influenced me in working with leather maybe not…but I like to think it did 🙂

I have been doing leather-work on and off for quite a few years now and have finally gone a bit more full-time with it.  This was influenced by me having some major shoulder surgery on three torn rotator cuff tendons and one torn bicep tendon…and 4 Titanium anchors implanted somewhere amongst my shoulder bones to hold everything together.  If any of you have been through this, I don’t need to explain anything else!  For those of you with shoulders still intact, try to keep them that way 🙂  It’s no party!

Amelia has been making jewelry for the last few years and I truly believe she is a ‘natural’…..She enjoys learning new techniques and styles of jewelry making whenever she can.

I will be posting completed projects as I can and will include links to my pages on etsy.com and eBay.com where they are for sale.  There you will find an assortment of handmade leather items and even some jewelry my wife has made.

2012-12-11_13-27-09_312                             2012-12-11_13-27-47_71

My niece caught me working…                                                                        …..twice…..


…this time with my great-niece helping!

The leather projects I make include iPhone cases, iPad cases, watch bands, fantasy utility belts, bullet bracelets, and more as I can think of them.

Thank you for visiting…

I want to acknowledge, and give special thanks to my nephew Clay for his help in getting started with this site…Thanks Clay!  And another special thanks to my niece Pam for modeling some of my items and for taking the pictures of me ‘working’!

Y’all check out Clay’s books on Amazon.com…C.J. Martin is his pen name…

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