Reagan’s Birthday Purse


Today is Reagan’s 6th birthday so I had to do something special for her!  Reagan is in a couple of the pics on my ‘About’ page btw…

Okay…the story behind this purse is a little funny to me.  Yesterday, I sent my niece a text asking what Reagan, a 6-year-old little girl, might want for her birthday. I don’t have much experience with children, so I thought it was a reasonable question. In my mind, I thought I would simply make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and get her a gift…NOT! My niece replied and said that Reagan had mentioned that she would like a small leather purse. Now this conversation occurred about 4:30 pm the evening BEFORE her birthday…no pressure here…nope, none at all…LOL

Next, I excused myself from everyone so I could try to get something going. As it turned out, it went well.

The purse is laced with the same leather that the body of it is made from. The handle is a mystery braid…meaning that both ends are solid, not cut loose as in a normal 3 braid. Then, I thought it would look nice with a bit of decoration so I added the lacing with beads on them and a concho. All in all, I believe she will be happy with it 🙂

IMGP4442                    IMGP4444                    IMGP4445

Just a few more pics showing the lacing…


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