New iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 Sleeves…

I have been busy since completing Amelia’s iPad case…

Here is what’s new and different…

IMGP4438                                                  IMGP4439

This one is made from Ostrich skin that has been dyed a royal blue…and it is a very attractive and unique iPhone sleeve. Click the picture on the left to go to

IMGP4440                                     IMGP4441

I had just enough of the Ostrich skin left to make a slightly shorter, but still attractive iPhone sleeve.  As you may notice, the pattern is a bit different that the previous one.  Click the picture on the left to go to

IMGP4427                          IMGP4426

These are made from leather that has an alligator texture and each is unique in it’s own way…no two sleeves will ever be exactly the same!  Click the picture on the left to go to

                                        IMGP4433                           IMGP4432

This sleeve is made from what some people call ‘Crazy Horse’ leather. Notice all the lines and creases…I like to refer to them as character lines…The more you use this case, the more character it will develop. Should you get tired of looking at the creases, just rub it until they smooth over and start fresh!

                               IMGP4431                       IMGP4430

More of the same as above…just folded in the opposite direction.  Click the picture on the left….aw, you know…it’ll take you to…LOL

IMGP4436                       IMGP4435

These are made from similar leather as those above, except they also have a pebble like texture.  They too, will develop character lines as they age.  Last time…click the left picture to redirect to etsy…

Thanks all for looking. I hope you enjoy 🙂


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