Amelia’s iPad Case – Follow a project in progress…Part 5


February 18, 2013: Day 5

I would have posted yesterday, but the weather was not agreeable to take pictures outside in the sunlight…too overcast and rainy 😦

Nevertheless, today makes up for it 😀

IMGP4403     IMGP4402

The shoulder strap turned out very nice and is soft enough to be comfortable without rubbing Amelia the wrong way…

IMGP4404        IMGP4405

Here’s a couple of pics showing the hand rubbed finish of the case. I used Atom Wax for the front and back to retain a certain amount of rigidity.  The cinching straps and hinge have a healthy dose of lanolin and beeswax to aid in flexibility so they won’t crack over time.

IMGP4406       IMGP4407

A couple of more pics in the sunshine.  I didn’t mention it earlier, but I also lined the inside cover with a piece of the lambskin.

IMGP4409       IMGP4411

Last two pics today…just wanted to show off the gleam of hand rubbed leather in the very welcome sunshine 😀

I am still waiting for the shipment to arrive that has the edge coating.  With today being a holiday (President’s Day) hopefully it will arrive tomorrow and I can complete this project.


I have finally decided to give a name to her iPad case…I will post it upon completion ;~)

If anyone (except Amelia, that is) wants to try to guess what I’ve named it, send me a message…LOL…I will confirm or deny if you’re correct…


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