Amelia’s iPad Case – Follow a project in progress…Part 4

IMGP4392                  IMGP4393

February 13,2013: Day 4

I got a lot done today…my creative juices were really flowing!

On the left, is an inside pic of the front cover glued in place and holes punched for lacing.  On the right is an outside shot that shows the soft leather flap.

IMGP4394        IMGP4396

The glue is dry enough to work with…on the left is a preview of what it will look like.  On the right, notice the straps under the flap and the button studs in both bottom corners.  These will be used to hold the case upright in a teepee manner so Amelia can watch something on her iPad.

IMGP4397     IMGP4398

Here’s a pic of the strap closure that holds the front cover.  On the right, it is standing and holding itself upright.  SUCCESS!!! It didn’t fall over…LOL

IMGP4399     IMGP4400

Just a side shot of the upright case.  On the right shows how the straps attach to hold the case upright.

IMGP4401  I suppose Amelia could fasten the strap over the flap…but I rather doubt it…LOL

I’m still not quite done with this project.  I have yet to make the shoulder strap, finish the edges of the case, and hand rub the case with leather treatments…I am however, seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel 🙂  And…I know Amelia is ready too!

This is all for today.  My nephew Clay, got Skyfall in today…so tonight we’re having pizza and a movie 😀


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