Amelia’s iPad Case – Follow a project in progress…Part 2

January 31,2013: Day 2

I helped my brother all day yesterday…but I’m back to this project…

It dried very well and here I have glued the pieces together in preparation to punch holes for lacing.


I decided to glue and lace on the leather hinge  first…and it’s a good thing I did…I forgot to do something to the main body of the case…and, no, I’m not telling what it was…just that I fixed it…LOL


As you can see, the lacing is going very well, if a little slow.


But I did wind up with a nice finished lacing job.


I have some other pieces cut out and being glued, just waiting for them to dry.  I’ll pick it back up tomorrow…Person of Interest is coming on in a few minutes and it’s one of the few shows I follow…see you later 😀


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