Amelia’s iPad Case – Follow a project in progress…Part 1

Amelia wants a carrying case for her new to her iPad, and me, being the loving husband I am, will attempt to make it to her specifications 🙂

1) It has to be new. Easy enough…LOL

2) It has to look old, well-traveled,  and weather-worn.  Still not a big problem…

3) It has to be a hard case (so she can prop it up to watch) yet have a soft flap cover. I’m working on this one…but I have an idea…

4) Must look like a saddle bag.  Not sure about this one yet…

5) Must have a soft, detachable shoulder strap. No problem…

6) Almost forgot…it has to FIT! Well, I’m hopeful…

Jan 29, 2013: Day 1

IMGP4348                                                                    IMGP4349

The obvious starting point                                                                                                                  First piece cut


Second piece cut – the ragged edge at the bottom left corner was intentionally left there…

IMGP4352                                                                       IMGP4351

Dye applied…I am not a great photographer, so bear with me…

IMGP4354                                                                       IMGP4355

So far so good!  You will notice inconsistencies in the color where I applied the dye…this helps to give it a little bit of an old, faded look. After I apply the Atom Wax and rub it in good, it will have a very nice patina to it and the inconsistencies will blend somewhat.


This case I made for myself is an example of what I’m talking about with the coloring…

This case is only a few weeks old!

Now I have to wait for the dye to completely dry so the leather will harden again….


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